Hurricane Relief

Two massive storms in as many weeks. We are positioned to help those impacted. 

The 25 Group has started a special fund. 100% of donated funds will go to assist those in need, both in the United States and with ministry partners in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. We want to be poised to offer whatever assistance we can, and will partner with other reputable agencies and organizations to ensure that your donations are used for maximized effectiveness. 

The 25 Group is all about helping the least of these. We fund projects all over the world, providing food, clean water, medical care, and other life-giving necessities to those in need. We care about our community and are ready to help however we can. 

Thanks for giving. 

Suggested Donations

100% of your $25 (after online transaction fees) will go to help those in need. $25 Donate

Update from 9/14/2017

So many stories have emerged since Harvey hit our region on August 25th. I know of a mother who escaped her home just in time, pulling her daughter on an air mattress through the rising flood waters. As she waded through the mucky current she realized she could no longer touch. The water was too deep. What do you think and feel when you find yourself swimming down your street, attempting to pull your daughter to safety? She thought it might be the end. I remember pulling up to a shelter and watching people be unloaded from a national guard truck. They were wet and scared and held much of what they would be able to retain. What do you do when you're sleeping in a high school cafeteria, depending upon the kindness of strangers for your food, clothing, and medical needs? Thanks to donors like you, people in our region have found their footing -- with housing, food, diapers, medicine, and more. They are safe now. There has been some relief. But the recovery is still ahead. The news headlines are fading, but the work is just beginning. Would you consider being in it with us for the long haul? As scandal swirls around some nonprofits, I want to be candid with you about how we spend your money. 100% of donations to the Hurricane Relief Fund will be spent on that effort -- supplies, food, income replacement grants, diapers, medicine, or helping to equip work teams with what they need to aid in the rebuilding process. But this work is going to go on a long time. The process will be measured in years, not days. You could be so helpful to us by signing up to give regularly -- even $5, $10, or $25 a month will help. We utilize those funds with the same purpose and integrity. Just some history, to set your mind at ease and give you confidence in our fiscal strategy. In our first 3 years as an organization, 93% of money raised went straight to projects. Online transaction fees took another 3%, and we spent about 4% on some marketing and advertising and attending some conferences to network with other nonprofit leaders and check on projects that we'd helped fund. You can set up an ongoing gift here: Thank you for your partnership in this way. We are in it for the long haul -- in our community and with all communities that suffer. Your ongoing gift is so appreciated. Thank you! Titus Benton Executive Director

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